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The genesis of a logo... and of a company...

They say Hawa Valves is constantly in a state of transition... This way well be true. Call us restless, call us ambitious, but you certainly can't call us complacent! The journey to being a world player in our chosen industry segment, and ultimately a leader will surely be an exciting one, and one which presents its own set of challenges.

With Hawa Valves gaining acceptance the world over, we thought a new look would freshen up proceedings significantly. Something which would tell interested parties that we are gaining strength in our operations and now want to be the preferred choice when so many brands are visible and available. This thought evolved into the new logo design during one brain-storming session - and particularly stormy that session turned out to be! The new logo carries a "tick" which implies a positive thought while also implying "approval"! The colors are "steel" signifying our prime raw material and "green" for the environment!

The tag line below the new logo is "...committed to a safer world". We think that says it all!!!

This new logo and identity was launched during the double-whammy outing our company participated in last year: ADIPEC and VALVE WORLD.

As stake-holders in our brand, it would be really nice to have your feedback and thoughts on this change. Please email us on